Arcade Challenges

Arcade Challenges

I'm determined to get back to my games playing best and beyond as I attempt to master or at least get quite good at some of the games from my past.

After 25 years, retro arcade games are enjoying a bit of a revival and now that I own my own mame cabinet, I've been trying to recreate those glory days.

One thing I've noticed is just how bad I am now at the games I once liked to think I was reasonably quite good at.

I just can't get anywhere near the scores I used to get and there were a bunch of games that I never mastered but now I have the chance to do something about it. 

So, to help me get there I've set myself a series of challenges..

Defender Diary

Defender diary

Getting good at the hardest game ever

My attempt to get good at one of the hardest arcade games ever made

Ghosts n Goblins Series

Ghosts n Goblins series

My attempt to complete the series

I never quite got into Ghosts n Goblins in the arcade but loved it on the Amiga and longed for a chance to get a go on the real thing. Now I have that chance to complete not just this but the sequel Ghouls n Ghosts.

Pacman revisited

Pacman revisited

My attempt to recreate the glory days of the 80's

Back in the mid eighties I got quite good at Pacman, thanks mainly to the discovery of patterns. I learned up to the apple pattern which got me my highest score of *145,000

So, now is my chance to recreate the glory days and beat my score thats stood for over 30 years.

*about! I cant remember exactly

Space Ace

Space Ace

Space ace completion attempt