1980 namco (midway)

My challenge is to beat the score I set back in the mid 1980's when I was in my arcade gaming prime. 145,000 was my best score. A score I was quite proud of but now thanks to emulation I intend to beat it over 30 years later.

A visit to Arcade Club

In 2015 I got 123410 at Arcade Club on an actual pacman machine. I got some practice in before I went just to make sure and it paid off. Not sure of the settings of this cab, I think there where 5 lives but still, its not beat my high so still work to do.



Remembering the Apple Pattern

Back in the 80's I learned to play pacman using patterns. Thats when I started to get some decent scores. It's been some time since I played and had to go on a refresher course to remind me of what they where. I got to know the first 2 patterns but was a bit sketchy on the apple pattern but I had it saved on my phone to glance at when I got stuck.

Im getting a few screens into the apple pattern now, averaging mid 40000's to 60000's

More Apple Pattern

I had the apple pattern on my phone and had been using that to learn from. However, after looking it up on the internet I discovered that the pattern on my phone was only partially complete so the pattern I was following was only taking me round half the screen and I was freestyling the rest. Still did ok but armed with the full pattern I was off and running and my score soared to 106250.

I reckon my target is within reach fairly soon and this could be quite a short article.

Taking a break has ruined me

Right now I can't get much past 60000. Don't know whats gone wrong other than taking a little break from pacman for a while but I'm really struggling at the moment. Hopefully I can get back on track.

Back on track

Practice. Iv'e been practicing and its paying off and my scores are getting right up there now in and around the 100,000 mark fairly regularly.

Still a lot to do though. Im into the Bell and key screens now. These took me a little by surprise, the difficulty seems to have gone up slightly at this stage and threw me off my stride first time round. Onwards!


I'm pretty fluid with this game now and and can pick it up and play it well whenever I want. I've been having the odd go each day and today I finally achieved my goal 158300.

Struggling on some days, today was near perfection. A poor game to start with to get my arm in then the next game I was pulling of moves like a champion and got 70000+ on my first life. From then on it was just a matter of sticking to the pattern and keeping with it. 135000 with one life to go, I just new all I had to do was get through most of the next level and I was there.

And so it was. Challenge completed.