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Building a virtual pet AI

I've built my robot using the excelent instructables tutorial but now to start developing my own creation.

Making of a Bioshock Big Daddy

I had already decided this was going to be made from MDF. Mostly because I still have loads of it left over from the CAB project but it's lovely to work with and shapes really well.

Well, when I say lovely, it does generate a lot of dust when machined which isn't so great but theres no grain as in wood and its a tad softer and easier to shape.

As with the CAB, I'm going to make this from...

Mame Arcade Cabinet. part 1

I've done a bit of research and some planning and will probably use this as my main resource for the cabinet build, although I expect it will take a bit longer than 24 hours! 

Before I build a massive 6ft cabinet out of at least 3 sheets of mdf Im going to make sure I have all the kit up front, including the software and electronics. I already have the emulator, a bunch of roms, an old...

Diary of a game

It's always been at the back of my mind to get back into writing games. I used to do it all the time way back in the days of the Amiga but as time went on my attention moved on to more serious stuff, like work.
I had played about with some flash stuff and started on a platform shooter which you can see here but I never finished it and to be honest I didn't really have a plan as to what...