Arms and Hands

The arms will be pretty much the same as the legs. So, I knocked out the arm components to be shaped and joined as I did with the legs.




An upper arm section turned on the lathe then the rest just shaped rough.





 Hes looking pretty good now


Im cutting a block of mdf for the hand and adding plastic rod for the fingers. I had some airfix plastic bits I was going to use but wasn't chunky enough but then found something else which was a better diameter.


The trick here is getting the proportions right for each finger and the right length then just cutting a 'v' at each knuckle with a file and hacksaw.



Made a mistake here as the fingers were all too close together and didnt lock realistic enough, so I rounded off the hand section so that the fingers then spread out a little.

Looks good I think, not too difficult in the end but glad I only have to make one of these.


Drill weapon

The Big Daddy has just 1 hand and on the other arm is a giant drill weapon.

I was going to turn this on the lathe bit its too big and my home made lathe isn't up to it.

I reckoned on using cardboard to make a cone and then wrap a spiral of card around it. It should be strong enough once painted.