The next job is to get the body made up. I'm making the main body from 12mm mdf blocks layered and cut and sanded into shape.


Couldn't make my mind up wether to cut these horizontally of vertically but ended up with the vertical method. In the real thing this is mostly a brass metal shell, so will have to smooth this down a lot and think about how I'm going to create the metalic look.


1st up, to make the chest plate and scale the rest from this.






3 body pieces roughly cut and glued together





A whole lot of sanding to shape, which is hard work but it cuts easy so just keep plugging away.


Use a machine whenever possible!

An old woodwork teacher told me that once and he's right. Sanding and shaping this was becoming hard work. So, another use of the drill lathe and with a sanding attachment  added I started to make real progress.

Chest plate added and a kneck and 2 shoulder blocks added.


Pretty pleased so far. Legs and arms to go.


Turned disks for the leg attachments

Battery compartment

Something I had planned badly, the battery compartment. I really should have made space for the batteries as I was assembling so now am left with the task of cutting and hollowing out a space for 3 AA's.


3 drill holes to start and a whole lot of drilling sanding, chiseling but eventually 3 AA's fitting, reasonably nicely


Was a sizeable task but its done and 3 batteries fit quite nicely.



Lastly, add a lid out of 6mm and wire it up. No details, just some battery springs attached to a piece of card and dropped into the compartment and some nails in the lid wired to complete the circuit.



With the body work pretty well done time for some fine details.


The chestplate is held on by 2 large wingnuts.

Will craft these by hand from some plastic left over from an old airfix model. These 2 sections will do nicely.




Good job me thinks, with the addition of a wooden dowel to form the base for the metal cage which attaches below on the chest plate.




Lastly, finding this small switch and adding into the lid and a dome to cover this up which slides to turn on and off.