The first job on the list was to make the distinctive Big Daddy head.

Without this there was no point carrying on and was probably the key component as it had to be rounded somehow and illuminated from inside.

In fact this was the bit that was putting me off all this time as I needed a lathe but no matter I would just see how far I can go.

Diving Helmet

First up then was to work out the scale. Quite easy as I would just use the papercraft one I had as a guide. Then I cut 3 blocks of 12mm mdf which would form the helmet and neck.


I dont have a lathe but I do have a drill and after a bit of trial and error I managed to make a rudimentary lathe by clamping it to a peice of wood and screwing a rest to the side. 

It works remarkably well and soon enough I had this.

Pleased with this I marked and started to drill the portholes. 

What a disaster! The mdf just fell apart. I tried to repair the damage with glue and tried spraying it with paint to try and hold the fibres together but it was to no avail. 

This would have been a show stopper until I made 2 most amazing finds.

First was an old bucket and spade from a previous holiday in the garage. The bucket had a round tower which was exactly the right diameter. I hacksawed it off, marked and drilled, bit of a sanding and its perfect. The light shines through the plastic however so I filled the inside with polyfiller and its done.

The next find was in one of those discount 'sell everyting' stores in town. By the door was a box of odds and ends and in there i find these 'eyelets'. Don't know what they are for but they are brass and just 7mm diameter. Just the size of the portholes I drilled. So for 69p I got a bag and fitted them. Lovely.

Found these mini screws from an old RC heli project which finish off the helmet brilliantly. 

Adding the lights

Mc Donalds straws inserted into the holes to provide a nice liner, guess what, they are a perfect fit and then the strip lights attached and glued in place. Tin foil glued to the back of each to prevent light leakage.

Things went on hold here while I looked for some way of making the yellow light. Big Daddys portholes light up green/yellow or red depending on his mood.

I've been trying to source some yellow perspex that would do the job but to no avail, until I spotted these. Lego yellow headlights in the boys lego collection.

Almost a perfect fit, except for the rim which I trimmed off with some nail clippers and a bit of filing.

I had to test it out and it's perfect, these camera shots are superb and the lens flair is all genuine.