Legs and Feet

Im making the legs from different sized diameter discs of 12 and 6 mm mdf. 6mm disks turned on the lathe and the 12 mm rough cut.


These are stacked on top of each other to form a leg and shaped to form the bend in the knee etc. Im also hoping that the mdf will rough up after painting to create a nice texture for the cloth of the legs.




The 6mm will be the metal rings that go round each leg at the knee and thigh, the 12mm will be the leg material.

Iv'e made them as a straight leg to start with and will then cut the bend in the knee and top of leg and ankle to give the correct shape at the end.

And a leg bent to shape.



After a whole bunch of shaping and 'try and test', eventually had the leg shape and glued them all in place.




Much the same for the boots. A flat piece of 6mm for the sole and some chunky 12mm to form the boot and toe cap.


Must admit, pretty pleased with these.


Some pin heads nailed in around the toe caps really set them off and sprayed (as with the rest of the project) with plasti-kote.