I had already decided this was going to be made from MDF. Mostly because I still have loads of it left over from the CAB project but it's lovely to work with and shapes really well.

Well, when I say lovely, it does generate a lot of dust when machined which isn't so great but theres no grain as in wood and its a tad softer and easier to shape.

As with the CAB, I'm going to make this from garage odd and ends, what ever I can find, with exception of the lighting however I already have some strip lights left over from the Minecraft Torch so I wont be buying these again either.

One other tip I discovered from the Mincraft torch project, Plasti-Kote! Sprayed on nice n thick seals in the mdf beautifully and as I also happen to have a few cans of this I'll be using it quite a lot on this so expect to see everything turning green as I go.

So on with the first and most important part, the head.