Making a Bioshock Bigdaddy

How I made this...

The Big Daddy in the excelent Bioshock is a marvelous character. I've often wondered if I could make one myself. You can probably guess the rest..

A few years ago I made this.

Its actualy made of paper from a papercraft guide and is about 8 inches tall. From then on I often thought about if I had the facilities i.e a workshop with a lathe etc I would make one from wood or mdf. However, it's not just the making of the model but the making of one that lights up just like the way it does in the game. For those that don't know the diving helmet is illuminated from inside and shines out rays of light from the portholes. Looks great.

So, mine would have to do the same. I never thought I had the means to do such a thing but inspired by Adam Savage from Mythbusters and his cosmonaut 1 day build, I was a changed man and now started to think how I could do something similar but with the Big Daddy.

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