Super Combat was my first real game and this is the 3rd game in the series. Written in 68000 assembler on the Amiga back in the mid 1990's. A 2 player combat game loosely based on the Atari 2600 tank battle game on the Combat cartridge.


Written entirely in 68000 assembler on the Amiga, Super Combat was a 2 player game where players battled it out on a playfield using a variety of weapons. It aimed to be a faster paced version of the tank battle game in the Atari VCS title, Combat.

Tank on the VCS, was quite slow so in Super Combat I sped things up by making the players control a soldier and so could run and were more agile. You also could carry an extra weapon such as a grenade or rocket.

I also wanted to give the weapons different advantages and disadvantages so you had machine guns which had small bullets that could penetrate small gaps in the map and a flamethrower which fired a wide spread and was harder to avoid but could get blocked by the landscape.

You also had limited grenades which could go over objects and make gaps in the map. I also wanted to be able to block people in, so petrol bombs would explode and leave an impenetrable burning fire. Ok technically you could run and shoot through fire in real life but I had to bend physics a little.

Super Combat 1 was a basic version, top down, running around obstacles over 3 levels and a mid level bonus stage 'Shoot the bunnies' where you had to well, shoot bunnies!

Super combat 2 was graphically better. I had learned a few more things like masking and so now you could run inside buildings and under trees and I also added a new power up which could make you semi invisible and bigger explosions!

Super Combat 3 was technically the best. This time in Isometric 3d, split screen, 4 times larger maps, a bunch of new weapons and gadgets including a tank and 3 different game types, including rescuing hostages and blowing up the opponents base.

Super combat 3, also made it onto the Public Domain circuit and I acheived my 15 minutes of fame by getting it reviewed in Amiga Action.

I had long forgotten about it for 15 years when to my shock I found it mentioned in a bunch of Amiga game listing sites and it had been converted to run on the Amiga Emulator and a google search brings back dozens of sites mentioning it, try it yourself. It had even been 'trained' and an intro added to the loading screen and someone has even made a youtube video of it!

Play it now on the Amiga Emulator! Get the super combat 3 adf here

Super Combat 3 on youtube