Written on the Amiga in AMOS, a compiled BASIC that became popular for game development in the mid 1990's. A project that started out as a bit of fun just to familiarise myself with the AMOS toolkit, turned out to be a bit of a monster spawning 3 revisions. This is the 1st in the classic series.

I had been doing all my Amiga development in assembler but AMOS was already pretty popular and thought I should have a look at what it was all about.

I had been thinking about a dodgems game where you could bash your opponents about and the Tv Show Gladiators was prime time viewing at the time and so, and I don't know where it came from but the idea for 'Wheelchair Gladiators' was born.

The orignal idea was to have 4 players battle it out in an arena trying to beat each other up draining their health until your the last one remaining. There was going to be weapons that you could collect to help your cause but I didn't want to be like any other game where weapons appeared out of knowhere and you just grabbed them and used them until they expired. I tried to make it more real by depositing the weapons around the arena to be collected, then when you had one you kept it until you got hit, dropping it again.

This idea was rubbish and didn't work as soon as I implemented it and so it was back to the tried and trusted mehtod as I explained earlier. It just shows you how sometimes trying to make things realistic just doesn't work in a game.

So, after a fair old bit of work, no less with the graphics, WG1 was completed. A really enjoyable project it turned out, which I never really finished. Constantly adding features and updating eventually ending up with Wheelchair Gladiators 3.

The sprites were probably most of the work or at least an even half of it. Each player was 80 sprites and I had to create 4 sets of them, I didn't have the facility to create 1 set and display them in different colours, so I had to painstakingly draw each animation in 16 directions. I managed a few cheats here such as with the victory animation. The winning player raises their arms in the air in victory but I didn't want to have to draw 16 of these each, so when you win, your player orients them selves into the 8 oclock angle before doing so, this way I only had to draw 1 sprite for it. The wheelchairs animate really well in just 2 frames however!


As with the nearly every Amiga game ever written, this made it onto the internet under the many Amiga listing sites and of course youtube! including featuring in a french magazine review which I recently discovered.

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English translation:

Gladiatuers of plump.

Gladiators in wheelchairs may not have the prize for best taste, but certainly one of the most fun to play more. It shares much in common with Dive! : Programmed Amos, he turns on all PAL machines, Dune little extraordinary achievement, it holds its interest in the feeble spirit within. 1 to 4 players - with adapter - you can get on your face, being careful not to pinch your chair in a corner! This little rolling world rushes on multiple bonus: baseball bat, boxing glove, brick, bottle, first aid kit, wrench !!! And the last one standing (well seated ...) will have the pleasure of seeing the action in slow motion zoom.

Wheelchair Gladiators on Youtube

Wheelchair Gladiators on Youtube (My own channel)

Don't rule out version 4 just yet either ;)

Play it now on the Amiga Emulator! Get the wheelchair gladiators adf here