DIY Minecraft Torch

Making a working Minecraft Torch

Quite fancied another 'make' and have a few ideas on the go but a working Minecraft Torch is quite appealing. Seen some DIY versions using papercraft and tea lights and this inspired me to do somethig a little more robust.


I'm thinking of a simple mdf tube with a battery holder inside and some bright led's to light it up. A switch added discretely somewhere on the side and some sort of clear cover for the top.


I worked out my scale, the minecraft torch looks to be about 2 blocks by 9 not including the flame which im going to make 2 blocks tall. 1 inch blocks then should make it a nice size but I needed to source the light cover.

I could use a paper one but wouldnt be strong enought so thought soe sort of clear 'square' bottle would do it.

Found a small water bottle that was as square as I could find, it just happened to be 6cm square with rounded corners. With some squaring off of these corners it comes down to 50mm square, so thats decided on my original dimensions. 50mm x 50mm x 225mm.


Torch body

 4 strips of 12mm MDF 225mm x 38mm


2 12mm square strips of mdf glued inside 2 of the sides to form the battery compartment and these sides glued plus 1 other side in this formation.


Recess for the switch cut and a stop for the the battery section added. 



Managed to get all the electric components from an old toy destined for the tip, including the battery connectors, the switch and the led's. 2 of these seemed bright enough when I tested them and I assembled a siple circuit.


Assembled and glued into place. 


The 4th side glued on and a top added with holes for the led's from 6mm mdf. Sprayed with some green acrylic undercoat. 2 coats and sanded inbetween. Battries added and a quick test.


Within 2 minutes the led's started failing. Don't know why, I guess 4.5v was too much and I never had them on long enough before even though the toy I got them from took 3 x 1.5v batteries!

So, I found these on Amazon.


I cut 5 of the end and wired these into my circuit in place of the old led's. Super bright even with just 5 of the 20 lights and they run on 4.5v. Even better.


The flame top

With all my measuring, I couldn't get the plastic bottle to fit properly. It was hard to get it properly square and I split one of the corners. When I did get it on, to be honest, it looked, well, not very good.


I spent the next week or so looking at pretty much every item in every shop analysing its container looking for something clear and square(ish) until, purely by chance I found these in Tesco's. Even better they were on offer, 4 for 40p. Even more remarkable, they were a perfect fit.


I googled around and found this papercraft template and using just the flame part scaled it up to the correct size and printed it off. Then I lined the plastic container, trimmed off some of the plastic and plonked it on top.


I had also painted the squares in different shades of brown and finally was finished. Looks very bright here but in real life its bright enough to actually be able to see with and the orange and yellow show up nicely.