I like Silverlight and moved into it after Flash. Im spending most of my spare time writing apps in it at the moment and here are a few samples.

Pie Chart

I couldn't beleive how hard it was to find a 3D pie chart control for silverlight. Silverlights own toolkit doesnt have even have one and the only other option is to buy one from the likes of telerik etc. So I decided to write my own.

Game Engine

This is the 1st cut of my silverlight game engine. As its just an engine it's not really showable without actually making a game with it, however heres something I put together just to get it out there.

Angry Nerds

Project Nadine or as it became 'Angry Nerds'. An Angry Birds type of game written in Silverlight using the Farseer Physics engine. A 'VERY' early work in progress

Physics DIY

My attempt at an Angry Birds clone using my own hand crafted physics.