About Wheelchair Stunts


Its written in Silverlight! whats going on?

Well, 2 reasons:

1, I like Silverlight, it's nice to work with and as a .net developer I'm comfortable with it.

2, ok the main reason. I started this 4 years ago! Ok, maybe not stunts but I was well into my silverlight game engine then and things just rolled on and I had to finish this so I did, although it was touch and go at one point!

Who's Geoff, Graham and Pete? are they real people?

All my game characters are called Geoff, Graham and Pete. one of them may be based on a real person?

Is it offensive and in bad taste?

No, they are in wheelchairs, thats it. No one is made to look stupid or are humiliated. Check out youtube and see whats going on in the real world.

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